Tuesday, May 21

Second Dose Vaccine Clinic Scheduled For This Weekend

ASHEBORO NC – It’s almost time for a second shot for thousands of people in Randolph County who were vaccinated at the mass vaccination clinic last month

A second clinic is scheduled for Saturday, February 6th, 2021, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Africa Entrance of the North Carolina Zoo according to a press release by Randolph Health. The clinic will be administering second doses only for those individuals who received their first dose during the mass vaccination clinics on January 16 & 17, 2021 at the previous clinic held the North Carolina Zoo.

Eligible recipients should attend based on their original appointment time. This is a scheduled clinic and all patients must have already received an appointment to receive their second dose of vaccination. No first doses of the vaccine will be administered and walk-ins are not permitted. Recipients will need to bring a picture ID and or a utility bill as well as the vaccination card, which was received at the first clinic. 

Like the first clinic, this one is also a collaborative effort between Randolph County Public Health, Randolph Health, Randolph County Emergency Management Services, Randolph County Sherriff Department, Prevo Drug, City of Asheboro, and the NC Zoo.

According to April Thornton Senior Director of Public Relations at Randolph Health as of Jan 27th, Randolph Health had received a total of 5,850 doses of vaccine. “That includes 1st and 2nd doses combined. As of yesterday, 3,081 doses of vaccine have been administered”. The 2,769 remaining doses have been allocated for a clinic”, “as well as the second dose clinic at the Zoo on Feb. 6th. Asheboro News Now reached out to Randolph Health to ask about vaccine dose numbers but as of the time of this article, they have not responded. 

The second clinic comes as Randolph County crosses over 10,000 cases reported with 11,254 cases reported as of Jan 29th, 2020 according to data from Public Health.

Vaccine clinics are working to get through Group 2, which consist of Older Adults (65+) as well as remaining second doses for front line healthcare workers in Group 1. The press release states that “the ability to secure ample supply of the vaccine is challenging. As the vaccine becomes more readily available, Randolph County will be able to vaccinate more individuals following the prioritization schedule outlined from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDDH)”. An online study conducted by Asheboro News Now on social media reveals that 58% of people are sure that they will be able to get a vaccine when they are eligible.