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About Us

Randolph News Now is Randolph County’s leading breaking news site and serves as a local source for reporting on crime, weather, events, and alerts for free (no subscriptions and no paywalls) to the citizens of Randolph County.

The site was born in late 2020 when Acme News started a site to continue to provide breaking news and local reporting after the county’s largest newspaper eliminated local reporting. The number of readers has continued to grow each year.

In 2022 Acme Ventures LLC, the parent company of Acme News which runs the site, announced that they had reached a deal with the North State Journal to purchase the site.


Randolph News Now is operated by Acme News, a division of Acme Ventures LLC. Our journalists are currently operating as employees of Acme News but work under contract for the North State Journal.


This site is supported through both local and national advertising allowing us to provide this service free of charge to the citizens of Randolph County.

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