Thursday, May 30

He Said, She Said – One Arrested In Weekend Stabbing

ASHEBORO NC – According to a police report by the Asheboro Police Department on October 9th officers along with fire and EMS crews were called to 405 Farmer Rd in reference to a stabbing. A couple at the Asheboro apartment each claimed the other had stabbed them.

The police report says that the girlfriend had called 911and told police her boyfriend upset that she refused to have sex with him, had jumped on her on the couch and stabbed her in the leg before she wrestled the knife away from him. She stated that he had fled the apartment in a gold truck armed with the knife and that she wasn’t sure if she had stabbed him.

Police located and pulled over the truck on Sunset Ave in front of the Sunset Theater. The driver was the boyfriend who had a stab wound to his leg. He told police he had been stabbed while in the bed due to the girlfriend thinking he was having sex with her niece and that he had wrapped the stab wound up with a t-shirt and left to see how bad the wound was and go to the hospital.

Police say they checked the bed where the boyfriend claimed to have been stabbed and found blood stains on the sheets as well as on the kitchen counter and doorway of the apartment. Police say the girlfriend kept changing her story and based on the evidence police arrested Rhonda Harris for assault with a deadly weapon. Harris was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and when the staff at the hospital asked police what had happened she became upset and yelled “I did stab him”, admitting to the assault. Harris was taken to the Randolph County Jail where she was held without bond due to the charges being related to a domestic incident. Harris is scheduled to appear in court on October 11th 2021.