Monday, May 20

Partial Roof Collapse Over Pumps At Ramseur Quik Chek

ASHEBORO N.C. – Emergency crews responded to the Ramseur Quik Chek after getting calls that part of the roof over the diesel pumps had collapsed Sunday.

On Sunday evening just before 6pm, emergency crews with the Ramseur Fire Department along with Ash-Rand Rescue were called to a roof collapse at the Ramseur Quik Chek. According to officials from the Ramseur Fire Department they arrived to find that a small portion of the awning was over the diesel pumps had collapse, resulting in minimal damage. The business was closed at the time and no injuries were reported. Crews said they did not see any indications of any disrepair or weakness to the awning and said the collapse may have been due to the weight of the ice and water.