Sunday, May 26

Late Approval of State Budget to Impact Upcoming Tax Season

Taxes - Stock Photo (mehaniq41/Adobe Stock)
Stock Photo (mehaniq41/Adobe Stock)

ASHEBORO N.C. – The N.C. Department of Revenue (NC DOR) announced that they won’t begin processing 2021 tax year returns until mid-February, several weeks after the start of the tax season.

In a press release NC DOR says the delay is due to the late approval of the state budget, which included multiple changes to the state’s tax law. The later start date allows NC DOR time to complete the updates for new tax laws for commercial tax preparation software.

You may be able to submit your state taxes at the same time as your federal taxes but only if your tax preparation software has been updated for the upcoming year. NC DOR says early submissions will be considered as filed on the date transmitted, even though there will be a delay in processing.

NCDOR encourages taxpayers to use electronic filing rather than paper filing. E-filing ensures a faster refund and is the most secure way to file.

The department will provide additional information in upcoming weeks regarding the exact start date and when taxpayers should begin to expect to receive individual income tax refunds.