Friday, April 19

NC Zoo Announces they are Expecting Giraffe Calf this Spring

ASHEBORO N.C. – “We’re Expecting,” that was the announcement from the North Carolina Zoo on social media as they prepare for a new giraffe calf as soon as this spring.

In a post on Facebook on March 30th, 2023, the NC Zoo said that Jack and Leia, two of the Zoo’s giraffes are expecting parents.

A baby giraffe, also called a calf, may look small, but when they are born, they are up to six feet tall and weigh anywhere from 110-150 lbs.

Mother giraffes carry their baby through a gestation period of 15 months (400-470 days), which is necessary to allow the calf to mature so that it can stand, walk, feed, and keep up with the pack within just an hour or so of being born.

Due to the impending birth, the giraffe herd may not be visible in their habitat. As giraffes are herd animals, we anticipate they will stick together and follow Leia, who may be behind the scenes. The Giraffe Deck may be affected accordingly.

The NC Zoo says they appreciate everyone’s patience during this exciting time!