Saturday, May 25

NC Zoo Says ‘Opps’ – Corrects Sand Kittens Sex and Name

One of three Sand Cat kittens born in May of 2023 at the NC Zoo. [Scott Pelkey | North State Journal]

ASHEBORO N.C. – Apparently, determining the sex of a kitten can be difficult, and the North Carolina Zoo says they “made an oops” when they announced the sexes of their trio of sand Kittens born in May.

On June 2nd, 2023, the Zoo anounced the birth of three sand cat kittens. Several weeks later, in a press release, the zoo revealed the sexes of the kittens, one male and two females, as well as an online poll to allow the public to choose names for the tiny desert felines.

The public naming poll had more than 15,000 responses with the winning names being chosen as Amira and Cleo for the females, and Jabari for the male.

Now, the Zoo says they made an “oops,” when they determined the sex and rather than two females and a male, they have two males and a female.

To stay true to the names chosen in the poll, Amira, an Arabic name meaning “princess,” will now instead be named Amir, an Arabic name meaning “prince.”