Sunday, June 23

Emergency Crews Rescue Driver Stranded in Flood Water

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FARMER N.C. – In the early morning hours emergency crews were called to rescue a driver who had become stranded in three feet of water off Old NC Hwy 49.

Just after 3 a.m. Randolph County 911 dispatched Farmer Fire Department and Ash-Rand Rescue to the intersection of Moore Rd and Old NC Hwy 49 for a report of a vehicle trapped in three feet of water.

Dispatch advised a short time later that the call was plotting closer to the intersection of Moore Rd and Golden Meadow Rd.

The first unit from Farmer Fire Department arrived on scene at around 3:16 a.m. and an Ash-Rand Rescue unit was departing its base with a boat at around the same time.

At 3:20 a.m. first responders on scene advised that Ash-Rand Rescue could cancel as the driver was out of the water.

N.C. DOT was notified and requested to close the road around the flooded area. Highway patrol was also notified to respond.

Roads around this area will likely be closed until flood subsides.

N.C. DOT has been responding to multiple road closures across the state throughout yesterday, overnight, and this morning. Driving at night remains dangerous as low-lying areas and areas prone to flooding may not all be known or be able to be seen in time. Emergency crews have also been responding to multiple downed trees throughout Randolph County.

To see a list of current road closures in Randolph County visit our Road Closures & Incidents page or visit

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