Wednesday, July 17

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Acme Ventures Set To Pull Recourses From Randolph News Now; Cites Lack Of Interest In Digital Advertising

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ASHEBORO N.C. (ACME NEWS) - Despite tens of thousands of monthly readers, Acme Ventures LLC, the parent company of both Acme News and Randolph News Now is set to begin pulling resources away from Randolph News Now starting as soon as the end of the month. Randolph News Now saw a rapid and sustained growth at the end of 2021, with the monthly reader count spiking at 51,000 readers before leveling out to a new average of 25,000 readers per month. In 2022 the site has already passed 125,000 total readers. "Despite those numbers a lack of interest in digital advertising by local businesses has put us in the position where we have to start pulling resources away from the site to invest in other areas of the business" says Scott Pelkey, Director of Operations for Acme Ventures LLC and ...