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9-1-1 Answers 128,580 Calls in 2022 |  Breakdown

9-1-1 Answers 128,580 Calls in 2022 | Breakdown

A 9-1-1 Telecomunicator sits at a station at the Randolph County Emergency Services Headquarters. (Stock Photo / Scott Pelkey / Acme News) ASHEBORO N.C. - Last year Randolph County Emergency Services’ 9-1-1 operators answered 128,580 calls. We reviewed records to find out the where and why. Of those thousands of calls, the most recorded call type at 11% (14,089) were 9-1-1 hang-up, misdials, or open lines (aka butt-dials), followed by 11,186 calls (8.7%) which were marked as duplicate calls where several people called in to report the same incident. Theft was responsible for the largest number of 9-1-1 calls reporting crime in 2022 (when larceny and burglaries are combined) with a total of 4,145 or 3.2% of all calls. Retail stores are usually among the places that keep local p...