Tuesday, May 28

Local News Making A Comeback Pt1 – Randolph Hub

ASHEBORO NC – Local news is making a comeback in Randolph County, thanks in part to two new print publications coming to market. In part one of this two part story we take a look at the Randolph Hub.

If you live in Randolph County chances are you found the first edition of the Randolph Hub in your mailbox last week. “We printed 46,238 for all residences in every ZIP code but the ones for Archdale and Trinity” said Ray Criscoe, the owner, publisher, and editor of the Randolph Hub. The paper was mailed to most every household with a 27203, 27205, 27317, 27350, 27298, 27355, 27248, 27316 and 27314 zip code. (Criscoe says he hopes to add Archdale & Trinity at a later date).

That first edition was free thanks to a donation made by Klaussner. They picked up the $17,000 plus bill. “Yes, print is expensive. But those of us who have been in the business for a long time believe print can work if done right” said Criscoe.

Randolph Hub describes itself as a “hyper-local” weekly newspaper, with the goal of giving “Randolph County an alternative newspaper option.” The paper is staffed by veteran journalists with names you will recognize. Formerly with the Courier-Tribune Ray Criscoe is joined by award winning (and now retired) editor Annette Jordan, 39 year newspaper veteran staff reporter Larry Penkava, and retired reporter turned author Chip Womick. Also on the team, freelance writers Greta Lint and JD Walker, as well as photographer & RCC Graduate Eric Abernethy.

Criscoe said that as a group they all felt the news market in Randolph County was missing the hyper-local product that he and many of the staff at the Courier-Trube used to try and produce. “At this point in the county’s history, we’re gambling more and more county residents are beginning to feel the same way.”

Criscoe describes himself as more of a coordinator than publisher or editor. That’s because the paper has no employees. The staff at the paper are all contributors paid through contract work and freelance work. Criscoe says several team members are working for no pay at all.

This newspaper serves as an example of how we would define “done right.” It’s an experiment the success of which residents in this area will determine. “If it doesn’t work, we gave it a shot. But just imagine if it succeeds …”

With work on the second edition now underway Criscoe says that he isn’t looking too far ahead at the moment, “I’m too much of a realist to look very far ahead. I’ve got ideas and plans I’d like to see come to fruition, but one step at a time.”

Tomorrow in part two, we will take a look at the other print publication the Randolph Record,

Note from the News Director

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