Wednesday, May 29

Traffic Alert | US 220 Bus at Caudle Rd – Planned Road Closure [ENDED]

[UPDATE Oct 29th 2021 – 2:45 PM] – THE NC DOIT Traffic Information Management System sent out an alert that this closure has ended and all contraction is clear]

ASHEBORO NC – The NC DOT will be closing US 220 in both directions near Caudle Rd (mile-marker 10.5 to 11.7) for construction starting on 10/26/21at 8:00 AM through 11/5/21 at 3:30 PM.

Map provided by NC DOT – TIMS

Detour Route

Heading South on 220 Business

Detour route: Depart 220 Bus @ Caudle rd, commute on Caudle rd. turn right onto Worthville rd. Turn right onto WOW rd. turn right onto Old liberty rd. Turn right onto Hub morris rd. turn left onto us-220 Bus.

Heading North on 220 Business

Detour route: Depart 220 Bus to Hub Morris rd. turn left onto Old liberty rd. Turn left onto WOW rd. turn left onto Worthville rd. turn left onto Caudle rd. Turn right onto us 220 Bus.

More information

You can track this incident on the NC DOT TIMS website at:

Featured Image Credit: Photo by: suwichan / Adobe Stock