Monday, May 20

Businesses Evacuated After Suspected Fire At Coach’s Restaurant

ASHEBORO N.C. (ACME NEWS) – Several businesses were evacuated just before Noon today after black smoke was spotted in the Kitchen of Coach’s restaurant on Hwy 49 in Asheboro. Firefighters from Asheboro’s Station 1 & 2 responded to the scene along with Asheboro PD and Randolph County EMS. According to officials on scene they believe that grease that had built up in or near the HVAC system began to smoke after the heat was turned on in the kitchen. The fire put its self out after the system was turned off. No one was injured and the all other businesses have re-opened.

UPDATE: Acme News verified that Coach’s has re-opened as of 1:20 P.M.

Credit: Scott Pelkey / Acme News