Sunday, April 14

Hazardous Travel Conditions Expected Tonight

ASHEBORO N.C. – The National Weather Service and the Department of Transportation are urging drivers of hazardous traveling conditions expected tonight.

Road crews were out early this morning working to clear roads of snow and ice and combined with the bright sun today road conditions have dramatically improved. “Most crews were close to completing road clearing efforts Saturday and planned to head home to rest before returning tonight to work on trouble spots where roads could refreeze.” said the NC DOT in a press release today. “Transportation officials and the National Weather Service warn that dangerous travel could continue into Sunday morning, as temperatures in the teens and 20s overnight coupled with heavy winds could keep ice on some road surfaces”. In a special Weather Statement the NWS office in Raleigh reiterated the point saying that “Wet roads from snow melt with temperatures expected to be in the upper teens overnight will lead to areas of black ice. Conditions should improve once temperatures rise above freezing by late morning.”

Black Ice occurs when wet roadways refreeze creating a sheet of clear ice that cannot easily be seen. It is often clear with the black road surface visible underneath. It is most prevalent during the early morning hours, especially after snow melt on the roadways has a chance to refreeze over night when the temperature drops below freezing.

Officials say you should stay off the roads overnight and those who do have to venture out, should have emergency supplies in your vehicle, and ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged

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