Tuesday, May 28

Overnight Winter Weather Drops Snow Across Randolph

ASHEBORO N.C. – Overnight a winter weather system dropped 1-2.5 inches of snow across Randolph County and wreaked havoc on roadways. The snow combined with already wet roads and overnight lows that dipped down below 10 degrees created treacherous driving conditions.

In Moore county the Sandhills Sentinel reported several vehicles overturned including a NCDOT snow plow and a FEDEX delivery van.

Here in Randolph County impacts have been minimal. Percriptitation was almost all snow with very little in the way of sleet or freezing rain. Unlike the last snow storm this one left several inches of alight powdery snow perfect for building a snowman .

Crews were clearing roads as soon as snowfall stopped at 4am. Interstates and highways have been cleared of snow and ice, main roads are mostly clear, while secondary roads are still at least partially covered with snow and ice. As of 1:45pm NCDPS is only reporting 3 power outages across the county. There are isolated internet and stoplight outages being reported across the county.

US Hwy 64 E at Park St in Asheboro at noon on Jan 22nd 2022. [Scott Pelkey / Acme News]
S McCrary St facing Sunset Ave around noon on Jan 22nd 2022. [Scott Pelkey / Acme News]

Temperatures today will reach just above freezing with a high of 37 degrees and sunny conditions. Both of which will help with melting until this evening when temperatures start to drop reaching an overnight low of just 17 degrees. Roads will refreeze making travel treacherous if not impossible for most people. Officials are asking anyone who does not need to be on the roads to stay at home, especially overnight.