Tuesday, July 23

Early Voting Number Pass Pre-Pandemic Turnout With 3 Days Still Left

ASHEBORO N.C. – The number of people who have chosen to vote early this year has officially passed the pre-pandemic levels with another 3 days still left.

With hotly contested seats for the house and senate at both the state and federal level as well as incumbents being challenged for register of deeds and Randolph County Sheriff, the rise in early voting comes as no surprise.

So far this year 6,923 voters have chosen to vote early, just passing 2018 totals (6.376), and the number is expected to continue to rise with three more days left to vote early.

After early voting ends on Saturday May 14th 2022, voters will only be able to cast their vote during the 2022 primary election held on May 17th this year. That date is later than normal after the state was forced to suspend candidate filing amidst a legal battle over a politically gerrymandered map.

Check back on Randolph News Now on the evening of May 17th 2022 as we post live election results.