Tuesday, May 28

City of Asheboro Conducts Annual Switch to Chlorine for Water Treatment

ASHEBORO N.C. – If you live in the City of Asheboro your water may have a slight chorine smell starting in a few days.

On October 10th, 2022, the City of Asheboro posted a notice that water treatment plants would be switching to free chlorine as the primary disinfection treatment starting on Tuesday, November 1st.

This change is made once a year and according to the city the treatment is “necessary to ensure optimum water quality throughout the distribution water mains.”

Find out more about Chlorine and Water Treatment in our previous year’s article about the switch where we go over the chemicals involved, the process, and look at water system inspections.

Officials say you may initially detect a slight increase in chlorine taste or smell as the switchover in treatment processes occur.

Customers who use City drinking water for certain special purposes including kidney dialysis may need to make adjustments because the chlorine disinfection process will change some characteristics of the water.

According to the city, this change in treatment will last several weeks and we will switch back to the customary chloramine treatment process.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the Water Treatment Plant Manager by calling (336) 626-1215.