Saturday, May 18

Thieves Target Cars at Apartment Complexes on N Fayetteville St

Car break ins have been on the rise at Summers Run apartments in North Asheboro, NC on December 1, 2022. PJ WARD-BROWN/NORTH STATE JOURNAL

ASHEBORO N.C. – Today we are learning more about a string of thefts and vehicle break-ins centering around apartment complexes on North Fayetteville Street over the last several days.

Yesterday we reported on a press release from the Asheboro Police Department where officers were involved in a vehicle chase for over twelve miles into Guilford County. Today, having put together several dozen police reports from the past several days, we now can more clearly detail the string of theft that police are investigating.

On the night of Nov 28th, 2022, thieves targeted vehicles at Mathew Grande Apartments, located at 2230 N Fayetteville St. The next morning and into the day officers responded to a half dozen reported vehicle thefts and break-ins at the apartment complex.

  • On Nov 29th just after midnight police responded to Matthew Grande Apartments for a reported vehicle break-in where thieves stole cash from a GMC pickup truck.
  • On Nov 29th, at around 7 am, police responded to a vehicle theft at Matthew Grande Apartments where a 2014 Honda Accord was stolen.
  • On Nov 29th, at around 8 am officers responded to a reported vehicle break-in at the same apartment complex where cash and a key to a work vehicle were taken.
  • On Nov 29th just before 10:30 am police responded to Matthew Grande Apartments for a reported vehicle break-in. Police spoke with the owner and learned that the owner had captured video of two black males’ dresses in dark clothing and wearing ski masks breaking into the vehicle and going through the center console, glovebox, and the trunk of the car. The owner reported that they took a handgun, spare magazine, flashlights, and a debit card.
  • On Nov 29th just after 1:30 pm police responded to a vehicle-break in again at Matthew Grande Apartments where thieves broke into a 2021 Honda Accord and stole items including a debit card in which the owner found had been used to make purchases at restaurants and stores in Randleman, Greensboro, and Kernersville.
  • On Nov 29th, just before 2 pm police located several cards in the parking lot of Matthew Grande Apartments. When they contacted the owner, they learned that that person’s vehicle had been broken into that previous night and several items were missing.

On the night of November 29th, 2022, thieves targeted the apartment complexes, around the 2100 block of N Fayetteville St. Due to the previous night’s break-ins officers were patrolling the area on the lookout for anything suspicious.

At around 3 am an officer who were patrolling the area spotted two males dressed in dark clothes walking east in the parking lot of Summers Run Apartments. Police located a vehicle that was unoccupied with its interior lights and an exterior cab light turned on. After inspecting the vehicle officers noticed that the passenger side door on the vehicle was ajar and an exterior toolbox was open. As officers were examining the vehicle, they noticed a silver passenger car occupied by a male in dark clothes driving eastbound toward the exit of the apartment complex. While officers were catching up with the vehicle, they noticed the vehicle had started speeding and police say they attempted a traffic stop, but the vehicle refused to stop, and a pursuit was initiated. That chase went for over twelve miles, ending after officers terminated the pursuit on I-73 at exit 122-A for Groometown Road. The report filled by officers in that case lists an investigating charge of larceny of a firearm.

That same day, officers still responded to several reported vehicle break-ins in the area:

  • On Nov 30th, at around 9 am, officers responded to the same apartment complex for another reported vehicle break-in where they investigated another larceny of a firearm.
  • On Nov 30th, at around 9 am, officers were called to another apartment complex located at 2280 N Fayetteville St for a report of a stolen vehicle.
  • On Nov 30th, just before 5:30 pm, police responded to a different apartment complex located at 2207 N Fayetteville St where thieves broke into a 2010 Nissan Frontier.

We reached out to the Asheboro Police Department for an update on these incidents but at the time of publication have not heard back. We will update this article as we learn more.