Wednesday, May 29

Asheboro to Host Lifeguard Classes this Spring

pool lifeguards red rescue tube near swimming pool [Adobe Stock]

ASHEBORO N.C. – The Asheboro Cultural and Recreation Services Department is providing Blended Learning American Red Cross Lifeguard Training throughout the spring, in preparation for the summer.

The cost of the classes is $225.00. Participants must meet and pass all prerequisites set by the American Red Cross. These include being a minimum age of 15, and being able to complete a 300-meter swim, the retrieval and return of a 10-pound object from an 8-foot depth, and a 2-minute tread without the use of hands. Payment is not needed until after participants have completed and passed the prerequisite skills. The training can be registered for online via the ACRS website, or in person.

Classes will be held on the following dates:

April 6 th , 7 th & 8 th
April 13 th , 14 th & 15 th
May 18 th , 19 th & 20th

All sessions are hybrid with some portions of class and learning taking place online.

Individuals seeking employment are encouraged to submit an application to become an ACRS lifeguard. Applications can be found online or at the ACRS office on Sunset Avenue.

For more information, or to register for your perquisite skills test, please contact Jessica Kuebuafor at (336) 318-1075 or via e-mail at

Source: City of Asheboro – Press Release