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Asheboro Police Conduct Underage Alcohol Checks At Local Businesses

Asheboro Police Conduct Underage Alcohol Checks At Local Businesses

Bartender (fesenko/Adobe Stock) ASHEBORO N.C. - The Asheboro Police Department has charged 7 individuals and businesses with selling alcohol to someone under the age of 21 after conducting compliance checks at several local restaurants. According to several police reports from the Asheboro Police Department, their VICE unit along with agents from NC Alcohol Law Enforcement conducted undercover buys of alcohol using an underage operative over a three day span from Dec 6th through Dec 8th 2021. The operation was a part of the departments ABC Law Enforcement Service contract with the Asheboro ABC Board which states the department must conduct underage compliance checks at no less than 25% of ABC permitted businesses in the city each calendar year. As a result of the operation 7 i...

Liberty Gaming Room Raided by Police / ALE

LIBERTY, NC (LIBERTY PD - PRESS RLEEASE) [ARCHIVED]– On January 20, 2021, members from the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division and Liberty Police Department raided Bonus Spins, located at 218 North Greensboro Street, Liberty, N.C. The location was suspected to be operating an illegal casino and gaming machines.  ALE’s Gaming Section and the Liberty Police Department started a joint investigation after local law enforcement received multiple complaints from community members about illegal gaming and gambling. Liberty Police Chief requested the ALE Gaming Section to assist their agency with the approval of the District Attorney’s Office. Undercover ALE special agents confirmed winners were given cash payouts, a violation of North Carolina gaming laws. North Carolina State ...