Friday, April 19

Suspect Arrested In Asheboro Burglary In Progress

ASHEBORO N.C. — Following a call about a burglary in progress police managed to arrest one suspect, are still looking for a second, and recovered almost a pound and a half of marijuana, leading to a puzzling question.

According to the Asheboro Police Department on Dec 7th 2021, Officer Auman was dispatched to the Park Place II Apartments on South Church Street in reference to a burglary in progress. A police report says that when he arrived he saw two males at the top of the stairway in front of apartment in question and when the suspects saw Officer Auman they ran down the stairs and began to flee towards the back of the building. Officer Auman began to chase one of the individuals, who was carrying a black bag. After a short foot chase that individual was taken into custody. Assistant Chief of Police Robbie Brown says inside the black bag officers located approximately 473 grams of marijuana. When Officers went to the apartment they found the door open slightly with pieces from the door frame broken off and on the floor.

Police identified the suspect arrested as 23 year old Brandon Butler from Troy, NC. Butler was charged with Resist Delay & Obstructing on Officer, Damage to Property, possession of burglary tools, Felony Breaking & Entering, and Felony Possession of Marijuana. When asked by email if the suspect had stolen the marijuana, Brown said they were not sure if the marijuana came from the apartment or if the suspect already had it.

Officers are attempting to identify the second individual that ran from the scene.

Brandon Tranelle Butler

  • Resist Delay & Obstructing on Officer
  • Damage to Property
  • Possession of burglary tools
  • Felony Breaking & Entering
  • Felony Possession of Marijuana

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