Sunday, June 23

Level Cross Fire Truck Has Minor Electrical Fire in Randleman

RANDLEMAN N.C. – Crews from the Level Cross Fire Department, bringing the departments squad truck to Randleman for service, had to call fellow firefighters after a small electrical fire started inside the truck.

Early this afternoon two firefighters with the Level Cross Fire Department were bringing the departments old squad truck (used for medical and rescue calls) into Randleman to diagnose a problem with the apparatus was having starting.

According to officials on scene a small electrical fire started in the center console, where the radios and other equipment for lighting and sirens are located. Firefighters pulled over at the roundabout in Randleman in front of Sheetz and called for assistance from the Randleman Fire Department.

The fire was quickly extinguished, no one was injured, and there was no major damage to the truck. One firefighter on scene summed up the situation saying “well I think we know why it was having trouble starting now” with a bit of laughter.

Level Cross Fire Department’s Chief David Ridgeway was attempting to contact a service technical to come out and diagnose the problem.