Sunday, April 21

Asheboro to Conduct Sewer System Smoke Testing Starting Today

ASHEBORO N.C. – The city of Asheboro has announced they will be conducting smoke testing of the Sanitary Sewer System in Dixieland Acres and Surrounding areas starting today.

In a notice on the city’s website, the City of Asheboro says city personnel will be performing sanitary sewer system inspection tests in the Dixieland Acres and surrounding area beginning the week of October 23 (weather permitting).

Affected areas generally are between E. Dixie Drive, Zoo Parkway from Atlantic Avenue to Pine Grove Drive, and extending northeast to Timber Lane and Mackie Avenue.

Buildings and homes in the area are being notified of this upcoming testing by door hangers.

According to the notice, “testing involves injecting non-toxic smoke into sanitary sewer manholes. Smoke should be prevented from entering building or house plumbing by pipe traps typically installed to prevent sewer gases from entering structures. However, if there is a sink or other water receptacle that has not been used recently, and the plumbing trap is dry, water should be run into the receptacle to assure the trap is filled with water.”

Officals say you can expect to see smoke from the testing extending from roof tops, and from roof gutters if downspouts are connected to the sanitary sewer system. It may also be visible from storm sewers.

If you notice any smoke entering your building or house you are advised to open doors and windows to clear the smoke and contact your plumber to preform an inspection.

The Asheboro Fire and Rescue Department has been notified of the planned testing so they can also be aware in the event they receive calls about smoke in the area. City officals say there is no increased danger or risk of fire from the testing.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors who live or have property in the Dixieland Acre neighborhood and surrounding area. Questions may be directed to 336-626-1201 ext. 2358 or 336-672-0892 ext. 2705.