Thursday, May 30

Driver & Passenger Asleep at Intersection – Drugs, Alcohol, Gun Located, Says RCSO

TRINITY N.C. – A driver is facing felony drug charges and misdemeanor DUI and gun charges after police say they found him and his passenger asleep at an intersection in a running vehicle.

On October 20th, 2023, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office responded to the intersection of NC Hwy 62 and Surrett Dr., in Trinity, for a welfare check on a vehicle stopped at an intersection with the driver slumped over at the wheel.

According to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office, when the deputy approached the vehicle they smelled the “strong odor of marijuana and alcohol emitting from the vehicle and an open bottle of alcohol was observed in the backseat of the vehicle.”

Police say the vehicle was still running, in drive, with the driver’s foot on the brake pedal. Deputies made several attempts to wake up the driver, identified in the press release as 24-year-old Hayes Alexander Hardin. During one of those attempts, Hardin moved his legs, and the deputy “observed a concealed handgun underneath his right leg.”

The deputy opened the car door, put the car in park, and secured the firearm. While doing that, he reported that Hardin woke up and immediately began to argue with police and initially refused to exit the vehicle.

A front-seat passenger, who was also asleep and snoring, also woke up during this time and initially refused to exit the vehicle. Archdale Police responded with several officers to assist with the passenger.

The Sheriff’s Office says a search of the vehicle located an additional empty alcohol bottle located underneath the front passenger seat and an Archdale Officer standing by with the subjects located a bag lying on the ground behind Hardin which tested positive for the presence of cocaine.

Hardin was placed under arrest and consented to a preliminary breath test. He was transported to the Randolph County Jail. The magistrate found probable cause for charges of felony possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver cocaine, misdemeanor carrying a concealed gun, and misdemeanor driving while impaired.

He was issued a $5,000 secured bond and a first appearance was set for October 23, 2023, in Randolph County District Court.

Hayes Alexander Hardin

  • Felony possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver cocaine
  • Misdemeanor carrying a concealed gun
  • Misdemeanor DWI

$5,000 secured bond