Wednesday, July 17

Several Asheboro Businesses Report Being Hit with Counterfeit Bills

Stock Photo of $100 bills  (Vadim/Adobe Stock)
Stock Photo of $100 bills (Vadim/Adobe Stock)

ASHEBORO N.C. – The Asheboro Police Department is investigating after multiple Asheboro businesses reported receiving counterfeit bills from an unknown male last Friday.

According to police reports on Oct 6th, 2023, at around 7 p.m., an officer responded to the Randolph Mall for a report of a fraud. An employee at a business inside the mall told officers that a male had come into the business and paid with a counterfeit $100 dollar bill.

While at the mall, the officer was notified by security that another business in the mall was reporting receiving a counterfeit bill from a male. In total, over the span of a couple of hours, four separate businesses inside the mall had reported being defrauded with counterfeit bills.

Additionally, the Food Lion on Hwy 49 in Asheboro reported receiving a counterfeit bill, but the report does not specify the exact date or time that incident took place or if there is any connection to the four incidents at the mall.

The Asheboro Police Department says its Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the case, including all possible connections.

Anyone with information can contact Randolph County Crime Stoppers or the Asheboro Police Department.