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Federal Ambulance Crews Help Relieve Strain On Randolph County EMS

Federal Ambulance Crews Help Relieve Strain On Randolph County EMS

Acme News Archive - Stock Photo (Scott P.) ASHEBORO N.C. - The arrival of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ambulances and paramedics is helping to ease the strain Randolph County EMS is feeling from high call volumes and staffing problems. Three ambulances with a total of 6 crew of EMTs and paramedics arrived in Randolph County late last week on February 3rd. “We applied a month or so ago when we found out there was another allocation being sent to the state.” Said Jared Byrd, Deputy Director at Randolph County Emergency Services in an email. Currently those crews have responded to 65 emergency calls since their arrival. “They are only running 911 calls. They each have a paramedic and EMT. We try our best to add an EMT to their ambulance with local knowledge of hospital...

Missing Man Arrested After Assaulting Paramedic

ASHEBORO NC - - A paramedic had to be taken to the hospital for evaluation after being assaulted by a missing person Wednesday. According to a press release by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, on March 10th, 2021, deputies were called to the area of Robbins Country Rd. in Trinity to check on someone.They located a man sitting on the front porch of the residence who was police say was apparently impaired by an unknown substance and unable to provide his name. Randolph County EMS responded to evaluate the subject. While EMS was providing medical care, the police say that the male subject assaulted a paramedic. The subject was arrested for Felony Assault on Emergency Personnel. He was transported to the Randolph County Jail where he was identified as Quentin Jaymes Holton. Deput...

Thousands Vaccinated In Randolph Over Weekend

ASHEBORO NC - Despite a start troubled by phone systems crashing, full appointments, and changes to the state vaccine plan mid-operation, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is picking up steam in Randolph County. "I think the vaccine rollout in Randolph County has gone fairly well, given the obstacles", said Hope Haywood who is Randolph County's Commissioner for Health, "at least our citizens were in line at RCPH at midnight the night before, waiting in their cars". Randolph County Public Health had been in the slow lane due to a limited number of vaccines and no information about when more would arrive. "Neither Randolph County Public Health (RCPH) nor Randolph Health know how much vaccine will be received, nor when it will arrive. Thus appointments cannot be made in advance except for the ...