Wednesday, July 17

Thousands Vaccinated In Randolph Over Weekend

ASHEBORO NC – Despite a start troubled by phone systems crashing, full appointments, and changes to the state vaccine plan mid-operation, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is picking up steam in Randolph County. “I think the vaccine rollout in Randolph County has gone fairly well, given the obstacles”, said Hope Haywood who is Randolph County’s Commissioner for Health, “at least our citizens were in line at RCPH at midnight the night before, waiting in their cars”.

Randolph County Public Health had been in the slow lane due to a limited number of vaccines and no information about when more would arrive. “Neither Randolph County Public Health (RCPH) nor Randolph Health know how much vaccine will be received, nor when it will arrive. Thus appointments cannot be made in advance except for the vaccine you actually have on hand” Haywood pointed out in an email.

Over the weekend Randolph County Public Health finally got the chance to open up the throttle at a mass drive-thru vaccination clinic which led to thousands of vaccines being administered in just two days.

The drive-thru vaccination clinic held at the NC Zoo over the weekend was a collaborative effort between serval agencies. In an email, Haywood pointed out that the collaboration was a match made in heaven. “Randolph Health had vaccine, but not the resources to distribute it on a grand scale. RCPH did not have available vaccine, but had the resources for mass distribution. They joined forces for the mass distribution clinic that was held over the weekend. Staff from Randolph Health and RC Public Health were there to work this event. They worked in collaboration with staff from the NC Zoo, RC Emergency Services, RC Sheriff’s Department, local fire departments, and many other volunteers. Local pharmacy vaccinators volunteered as well. It was a gargantuan effort, one I am most proud to see [sic]”.

Susan Hayes, director of Randolph County Public Health reported On Sunday that an estimated 800 vaccines were administered the previous day. On Sunday while at the drive-thru clinic Hayes said while she didn’t have an exact number she estimated that around 2,000 vaccines would be administered over the course of the weekend.

With the thousands of vaccines that were administered over the weekend, Haywood expects appointments for Randolph County Public Health’s vaccine to open up. “Keep calling, and watch their webpage for updates”. She also encouraged people to reach out to friends and family, “If you know people 65+ be sure they know what to do, and perhaps help them schedule a vaccine”.

Haywood said she feels encouraged by the number of people who want the vaccine. “In fact, comments I have gotten from citizens illustrate how desperate they are to get it. My heart breaks for the impact COVID has had on our citizens, the losses we have all experienced, and the extreme changes to our way of life that have been necessary to slow its spread”.

Those who were vaccinated over the weekend can expect a second dose only clinic which is currently scheduled for Feb 6th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

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