Thursday, June 13

Former Motel 6 Aims To Address Problems With Changes

Back in October the location covered up its Motel 6 branding and put up new signs with the name “Rodeway Inn.”
Back in October the location covered up its Motel 6 branding and put up new signs with the name “Rodeway Inn.”[Sky Emerson / RNN]

ASHEBORO N.C. – The company behind the now former Motel 6 in Asheboro is making changes not just to the name but with new policies that they hope will help address the issues the business has had over the last 2 years.

Randolph News Now had previously reported on issues like excessive numbers of 911 calls from the business, fatal overdoses, and drug busts which local officials said placed a burden on local emergency services.

[Scott Pelkey / RNN]

Back in October of 2021, the location covered up its Motel 6 branding and put up new signs with the name “Rodeway Inn.” A spokesperson with Motel 6 Media Relations confirmed that the location has not been affiliated with Motel 6 since October 7th, 2021, but was unable to provide any further information.

“We went through very rough times dealing with the unwanted guests over at this hotel in 2020 and 2021” said Muhammad Awan, one of seven managing members of Asheboro Hospitality 6 LLC, the company that owns the property. “After so may 911 calls and issues we had to come up with cleanup plan and bring some very positive and aggressive changes to bring the property out of trouble and city mayor eyes [sic].”

The first step the company took was to hire off duty police officers to work at the property. According to Mark Lineberry, Chief of Police for the Asheboro Police Department as of December 31st, 2021, the department had logged 104 hours of uniformed off-duty work at the Motel 6. The cost of those officers working, an estimated $3,120, was paid directly to the officers by the business.

Awan says that helped lower the number of 911 calls right away. “Same guest that would not listen to us would definitely listen to a uniform officer even they are there off duty[sic].”

Number of 911 calls by month at Asheboro Motel 6, (Acme News / Data Visualization Service)

It did in-fact help, according to records obtained from Randolph County Emergency Services 911 division through a public records request. The hotel was averaging 43 calls per month from August through October of 2021. By November that number had dropped to just 23 calls and further fell in December to just 20 calls.

The 2021 data showed that 418 calls to 911 were made from the location, including 47 calls for trespassing, 27 calls for domestic fights, 25 drug violations, 19 thefts, 14 assaults, 13 overdoses, and 8 calls for armed persons.

The business has also started a policy to stop accepting local guests, which Awan says was a major issue. The changes are not coming easy, but Awan says they are worth it. “We now are suffering from lower sales and less occupied rooms for the hotels and no profitability but off course we want peace of mind so we are happy in what we got [sic],” said Awan in an email.

The final step will be another rebranding as the business goes from the Rodeway Inn to an Econo Lodge franchise. Awan says he hopes the change will bring better and less troublesome guests as the price for a room goes higher than it previously was as a Motel 6 chain.

The no locals policy will stay in place after the change to Enono Lodge said Awan, “We will continue to not accept locals as the least we want is those issues back in our property…We take pride in how we operate and we will do everything that it takes to make that a better side of the town for our guests and local market and anyone else who may be involved.”

Asheboro Mayor David Smith says he is encouraged the business owners recognize the problem. “New polices may make a difference if they follow through. It’s a nice hospitality property and certainly has potential. I’m encouraged that the owners recognize a problem.”