Sunday, April 21

Sheriff’s Office Investigating Vague Threats Circulating on Social Media

ASHEBORO N.C. – Deputies and School Resource Officers across Randolph County are taking extra precaution today after receiving information about vague threats of a school shooting were found on social media.

On the evening of May 4th, 2023, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office says it received information regarding a potential threat to schools in Randolph County.

“Detectives are actively investigating a picture posted on Snapchat that shows an image of a phone screen with a message related to a threat to commit a school shooting on May 5,” said the Sheriff’s Office in a press release.

The photo being circulated on Snapchat is being sent to schools across North Carolina and other states. The original threat does not mention a specific school.

[Photo provided by Randolph County Sheriff’s Office]

The Asheboro Police Department is also aware of the threats after taking a report from a parent and being notified of several 911 calls regarding screenshots of a Snapchat message circulating. The department found no information to indicate that the threats were directed at Asheboro City Schools.

The Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating the threat to determine if it is credible and in the meantime are taking precautions, including additional law enforcement presence across the county.