Saturday, May 18

Heatwave Affecting Midwest On Its Way – ETA: This Weekend

Daytime High Temps for Sunday July 24th 2022 (NWS)
Daytime High Temps for Sunday July 24th 2022 (NWS)

ASHEBORO N.C. (#RCSVWX)– Today much of the central United States including a large chunk of Texas are forecast to see temperatures over 105 degrees, with Dallas Tx expected to reach 107 today. That heatwave is on its way to the Triad with dangerous levels of heat expected this weekend.

This weekend the big story will be the heat says the National Weather Service (NWS) who are calling for consecutive days with above normal temps, including the possibility of a few 100F highs and lows barely getting below 80F in some locations. “The hottest temps each day, we`re still likely to see at least a few hours of dangerous heat index values over 100F. And given the strong sunshine and lack of a breeze
in most places, forecast wet bulb globe temps will also raise concern for heat illnesses, reaching values of 85 to around 90.”

Credit: NWS

The kick off to the heatwave will be Thursday when central NC will be under a risk for severe weather including excessive rainfall and damaging winds Thursday afternoon and evening. Heat index values will start to climb into the upper 90s to low 100s over most of central North Carolina Thursday through the rest of the extended forecast. These successive days of hot weather, combined with very warm lows at night, will increase the risk of heat illnesses.

Current models are showing a low risk for strong and severe thunderstorms during the hottest days Saturday and Sunday thanks to a deep mixing and a lowering of dewpoints in the late afternoon, which, along with the mid level warmth, will greatly reduce the amount of fuel and instability needed for severe thunderstorms to form.

Don’t get to excited though, the same conditions that will prevent severe storms from forming won’t stop chances of rain in the afternoon and will reduce the amount of clouds leading to hotter temperatures for longer.