Sunday, May 26

Dangerously High Temperatures Forecast for Later This Week

ASHEBORO N.C. – Forecasters are warning that dangerously hot temperatures are expected across much of central North Carolina later this week and into the weekend.

Starting Wednesday and into Thursday, heat and humidity will roll into the area with highs in the lower 90s and heat-index values reaching into the mid-90’s.

The real threat from dangerous heat starts on Friday and extends through Sunday. Heat advisory and/or warnings are expected during this time as hot temperatures combined with high humidity will push heat index values into the upper 90s to above 100 degrees over central NC, according to forecasters with the National Weather Service in Raleigh.

For Randolph County, the hottest temperatures are expected Friday and Saturday with temperatures hanging around 96 degrees and heat index values are expected to hit near or over 100 degrees.

Friday 7/28/23 – Expected Heat Index Values (NWS)
Saturday 7/29/23 – Expected Heat Index Values (NWS)

A frontal system approaching towards the end of the weekend will also bring with it an increasing chance of thunderstorms, especially Sunday and Monday.

Residents are encouraged to stay weather aware, stay hydrated, and know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Dangerously hot temperatures and humidity could quickly cause heat stress or heat stroke if precautions are not taken. Consecutive days of dangerous heat indices have a cumulative effect on the body, significantly increasing the potential for heat related illnesses. Take extra precautions and limit any outside work or activities. Wear light weight and loose-fitting clothing when possible, and drink plenty of water!